The New Year will soon arrive. And, for some, that means making some changes. One big New Year’s decision could involve purchasing a brand-new Nissan vehicle. Poughkeepsie Nissan has some wonderful Nissan selections available, and the end of the year could be the perfect time to trade an older model in for a newer one.

All the Top 2021 and 2022 Nissan Models

Nissan produces a wide array of vehicles that appeal to many buyers. The unique NV cargo could be perfect for commercial jobs, while the Sentra stands as a popular commuting car. SUV buyers may opt for Frontier, Passenger, or Armada. And then there’s Nissan’s eye-catching pickup truck, the Titan.

The Final 2021 Inventory

Nissan has many popular models, and the year’s end opens doors for end-of-the-year sales. Our dealership has to make room for the 2022 models. Why not look for a deal among our remaining 2022 inventory?

Brand-New for 2022

When 2022 arrives, the latest vehicles in the Nissan line hit the market. A brand-new Altima, Murano, or LEAF could be perfect for new-car shoppers. And there are other selections among the 2022 line to consider.

Think About Making a Trade-In

Financing a new car might be the right approach to purchase for the New Year. A private sale could come with problems, while a trade-in deal might work much smoother. Our team handles trade-in valuations and deals routinely.

The team looks at all the factors contributing to the model’s value. We can offer the trade-in, and the deal would reduce the sales and financing price. Maybe the trade-in could make a great Nissan offer even better.

Checking Out and Test Driving a Nissan

We encourage shoppers to look at our Nissan inventory up close. Visiting our dealership could be a great time for a test drive. Call the sales office to set an appointment up.

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