Now that the holiday season is finally here, it is the perfect time for drivers to hit the road and enjoy a little peace and relaxation with loved ones or by yourself; however, it's important that drivers take care of themselves and remain safe this season. Here at Poughkeepsie Nissan, we're doing what we can to ensure that you're safe with our collection of reliable Nissan vehicles.

Popular models like the Nissan Rogue, Nissan Altima, and the Nissan Frontier are more than capable of handling the demands of wintry roads. These vehicles have a variety of innovative safety features such as lane departure warning systems, automatic headlights, and forward collision warning, as well as drivetrain configurations to improve handling and performance on the road.

Although model specifics vary, all models feature all-wheel drive or four-wheel drive. This means drivers who find themselves on icy, snowy roads during the season will be able to assert more torque force to get themselves out of trouble spots or will be provided more traction by their vehicle and prevent slippage. Furthermore, the road detection features are excellent for alerting drivers to unseen hazards such as large icy spots, debris, and other vehicles on the road. This ensures that no matter how much snow you have to drive through, you and your Nissan will be perfectly fine.

Speaking of snow, it can get cold on the road as well as in the car, which is exactly why some of our Nissans feature heated seating and steering wheel options as well. We believe that the more comfortable drivers are, the better equipped they are to handle the demands of the wintry season. Traveling should be fun, and that is exactly what our collection of Nissan aspires to do for our community through innovative safety and performance features.

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